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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the procedure for purchase of software?

To order software, please visit our on-line store for the list of available software:
N.B. for Education versions and updates, please send your request to Depending on your specific situation, a cost estimate will be dispatched.

Assistance with choosing software / Which software is suited to my needs?

To learn in detail about the characteristics of a product, please visit our on-line store for the list of software available:
For each software package you will find a detailed datasheet and useful links. You can equally download a free demo version for the majority of our products.

What configuration is required to run the software?

The minimum configuration required to run our software is standard:
PC – Windows XP – 1Gb RAM – 1 Gb hard drive space


Impossible to download software

Please first check the correct operation of your Internet connection.
Also check the address that you are trying to access.
N.B. You must use the identifier / password supplied in your order delivery e-mail.
If you are still having difficulties downloading the software, please send a description of the problem with a screenshot to this address

The installer downloaded does not work

This is generally linked to a download issue (corrupted file). Please re-run the download procedure before trying again to install your software.
If you still cannot install the software, please send a description of the problem with a screenshot to the address:

Impossible to activate software

You must possess “Administrator” rights to activate your software.
Si cela n’est pas le cas, contactez votre administrateur réseau.
Suivez les instructions reçues dans votre mail de livraison du logiciel et connectez-vous à la page adéquate afin de récupérer votre clé d’activation si nécessaire.
NOTA BENE : l’adresse mail servant pour l’activation est celle transmise lors de la commande.
Si vous n’arrivez toujours pas à activer le logiciel, envoyez une description du problème avec une copie d’écran à l’adresse

I wish to change computer

To change computer, please send your request by e-mail to: Indicate the type of software and supply the e-mail address used when making the order.

There are tools for this operation for the following software: TRNSYS(see FAQ TRNSYS). There is a specific method for METEONORM (see FAQ OTHERS – METEONORM).

I am missing certain data, can you send it to me?

The request for sending of data generally concerns a specific meteo file.
We cannot unfortunately supply files on a case by case basis.
Nevertheless, there is software capable of generating any meteo file and that will meet your needs. It is available in our on-line store: METENORM. You can obtain detailed product information by clicking on the METEONORM datasheet.


I can't activate TRNSYS17 on Windows 7, or activation is demanded every time I run it.

You have to be an administrator to activate TRNSYS (activation is stored in the registry). In Windows 7, click on .\Trnsys17\Studio\Exe\Studio.exe with the right mouse button and select ‘ Run as administrator’. ’.
In relation to Windows 7, in order to avoid potential problems, we recommend the Professional or Ultimate versions which allow running applications designed for earlier versions of Windows.

How to transfer a licence from one computer to another?

The latest version of TRNSYS TRNSYS (version 17.01) allows this operation to be carried out: to do this, on the old computer inTRNSYS open the menu ‘?’ and then select About’. Il Then simply click on « Return licence » (an Internet connection is required).
If your version is not the latest one, you can request it by sending an e-mail to and supplying the ‘’ file used.
If TRNSYS has been uninstalled, you can still recover the key by downloading a tool to carry out this operation: click here to download the tool.
Then simply extract the contents of the .zip file and run the program ‘ olReturn.exe’ on the old computer.
Simply click on the « Return licence » button (an Internet connection is required).
You can obtain a guide covering all these elements: click on this link to download it. .
Then you can activate TRNSYS on the new computer as usual.

I’ve heard that using specific software, Apple computers, such as iMAC, iMAC PRO, etc. can run PC software. Can I use TRNSYS 17 in this way on a MAC?

While we do not officially support the MAC platform, we do know of several users who use it with success.

Do the TESS libraries form part of TRNSYS? Where can I obtain them?

The TESS libraries are sold separately from TRNSYS. You can obtain all the information about the TESS libraries on our website under the TESSheading.
N.B. to acquire TESS libraries requires a TRNSYS license.

Where can I find TRNSYS training?

CSTB organises one-day courses:
TEP2E ( and also AMOES ( regularly organise training.

How do I contact the hotline by phone?

The hotline only operates using e-mail:

What do I have to send the hotline if there's a problem?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to analyse simulation projects created by users. If you encounter difficulties in use or anomalies, demonstrate this to us by way of a simple example, and isolate the problem to the maximum. Send this example to us by e-mail to in a compressed file (de type .zip ou .rar), containing all the elements necessary to reproduce it, particularly:

  • an input TRNSYS (deck, *.dck) using only standard components, without reference to external non-standards files
  • in the case of a building simulation, the BUI file of the building, containing the minimum areas necessary to demonstrate the problem
  • the Studio project (*.tpf) used to create the projectle projet (recommended); the « TRNSED » mode for generating the input file must be de-activated
  • any other element used during the simulation (external files). The project must not contain non-standard types.
What configuration is required to run TRNSYS?

Minimum configuration: Windows XP / 256 Mb RAM / Intel Pentium II (or equivalent)
Nevertheless, we recommend: Windows XP / 512 Mb – 1 Gb RAM / Intel Pentium 3, equivalent or later
TRNSYS runs on virtually all existing PCs running Windows XP or later.

Where can I obtain a demonstration version?
My version of TRNSYS is not the latest one.

If your version is not the latest one, you can request it by sending an e-mail to and supplying the ‘’ file used.


How to transfer a licence from one computer to another?

The software activations are handled by METEOTEST.
A file dealing with this question exists on the METEOTEST website in the ‘FAQ / Support’section which you can reach from the following address:
N.B. Remember to indicate all the elements of your order (Order identifier / Serial number).

Where can I obtain a demonstration version?

In the on-line store: Click on this link to access a demo version.
On the METEOTEST website:


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