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Our partners


CYPE: Publisher of software with an international scope

For almost 30 years, CYPE has designed software in the Architectural and Civil Engineering domain in the Construction industry. CYPE France provides training and technical assistance for French users, guaranteeing optimal reactivity for their projects.

To date, more than 60,000 users across the world have confidence in their products and services. This figure represents 100,000 software programmes acquired by professionals along with the collaboration of more than 400 universities.

  • Integration of the AcouBAT calculation engine and acoustic database in AcouBAT- BIM by CYPE
  • Integration of the Cometh calculation engine in CYPETHERM Cometh


NOBATEK is a private technological centre. Its activities range from applied research to innovative service provision in areas of planning, renovation and sustainable construction. The team operates among construction companies, public works, manufacturers of industrial materials, public and private contracting authorities, architects, design study bureau and communities. Since 2014, NOBATEK is the national operator for the French Energy Transition Institute INEF4.

The fruit of collaboration between CSTB and NOBATEK, the ELODIE and NEST software are now interoperable and allow you to analyse the life cycle of a development project in its totality: from the scale of the neighbourhood or scale of the building, for implementing sustainable towns and buildings.

  • CSTB software: ELODIE, ELODIE-BBCA, eveBIM-ELODIE module
  • NOBATEK software: TRIMBLE SKETCHUP Plug-in for NEST

Perrenoud: Publisher of thermal calculation software

For more than 40 years,, Logiciels Perrenoud has specialised in the development of software for thermal calculations in buildings. It offers the widest range of climate engineering software developed for professionals (design study bureau, companies…).

  • Integration of the Cometh calculation engine in Perrenoud STD and SED modules