A CSTB-Geomod co-development MithraREM is a new module in the MithraSuite, software range, designed to simulate the propagation of electromagnetic waves on a city-wide scale. MithraREM stands out by its intuitive use, the high performance of its calculations, its dynamic visualization and results, its input/output communication capacity and the quality of the documents it produces.


High performance – developed based on ray tracing algorithms

Simple – the cross-sections and maps produced are easily readable, terrific vectors for consultations and powerful communication

MithraREM permits measurement of existing radio-electric emitters or future ones, and clearly demonstrates the populations affected. The cross-sections and maps generated are powerful public consultation and communication vectors They provide objective proof in public debates. MithraREM permits calculation of the impact of:

  • Additional antennae
  • Reductions in power
  • Modifications to orientation (tilt and azimuth).

MithraREM permits the diffusion of the maps produced in various forms, such as:

  • Export in slabs for web diffusion
  • Export in KMZ (compressed KML) for display in Google Earth™.
  • Export to real time virtual model browser software.
  • Export in PDF format, organised in overlays and permitting the querying of objects

MithraREM has as its main features:

  • Réflections on surfaces and diffraction on horizontal and vertical edges of buildings, with a taking into account of the materials encountered.
  • Definition of emission systems (GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS, WIFI, radar…) and materials.
  • Electromagnetic emitters organised in base stations, antennae supports, antenna (that can be grouped into base stations) and emitters.
  • Parameterization of antenna and associated emission systems (position, azimuth, mechanical tilt, electric tilt, model of antenna, PIRE, gain…).
  • Radiation diagram, horizontal and vertical cross-sections of the model of antenna.
  • Dynamic display of simulation results: section planes, specified receivers, horizontal maps, facade maps, iso-surface 3D maps.
  • Exploiting of SIG, providing a high level of interoperability with more than 160 plug-ins for reading / writing geographic data, query wizards, themes, page layout, etc.

MithraREM is intended for:

  • Technical Departments of Local Authorities responsible for the environment.
  • Administrations and State Departments responsible for the environment.
  • Mobile phone operators.
  • Measurement laboratories.
  • Specialised Design Study bureau.


MithraSIG was designed with the aim of simplifying model design for simulations and creation of rendering. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, model creation is extremely rapid. It is done either through the integration of data coming from different organisations, in different forms and in different formats, or manually thanks to its drafting tools.
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