Acoustic performance of buildings predictive software

Latest version: V.8

Intended for architects, contractors and design study bureau, this software permits you to evaluate acoustic insulation against airborne noise, impact and equipment noise in buildings.


  • Regulatory – Ideal for respecting acoustic regulations applicable to new buildings since 2012
  • Exhaustive – Database of more than 2400 products and 3000 acoustic performances
  • Ergonomic – Highly functional graphic interface


Perfectly suited to homogenous and heavy structures, the AcouBAT software assists you in finding the ideal acoustic solution for your construction projects:

  • Residential buildings
  • Offices
  • Educational premises

Health establishments

Create the geometry of your construction project, composed of cells symbolising the emission and reception rooms. Several configurations can be envisaged:

  • 2 adjacent premises
  • 2 superposed premises
  • 2 premises, 2 floors
  • converted attic
  • empty attic

2 premises + corridor. You can also specify the number of facades: two, three or four. The facade can be different between two floors

Dimension your premises according to the architectural plans – completing the width, height and depth of the premises. You have the possibility of introducing offsets.

Display your premises as a plan or 3D. 3D mode allows you see your geometry according to X, Y or Z.


You can add the components used for the construction of your premises:

  • By using the exhaustive database integrated into AcouBAT

Or by freely creating a new component, with its own acoustic performance

AcouBAT includes an exhaustive database that allows you to enter the various components used in your geometry.

The components are classified in 12 categories:

  • Traditional masonry
  • Shear walls or concrete slabs
  • Partitions
  • Séparatif léger Sanitary sewers
  • Floor coverings
  • Liners
  • Doors and windows
  • Technical equipment
  • Roofing
  • Ceilings and raised technical floors
  • Strip facades
  • Breaker strip for thermal bridge

Absorbent materials
There is equally a classification per manufacturer.

An overall sketch is provided for traditional products

Complete and reliable, the database integrated into ACOUBAT contains almost 2,000 products and 2,500 acoustic performances tested in accredited ISO 17025 laboratories, less than 10 years ago.

Recognized as one of the most pertinent software packages for predicting acoustic performance, more than 100 industrialists in the construction sector have chosen to integrate their construction products into the AcouBAT database.

Did you know?
Acoubat is constantly developing: each year the database is fully updated. Moreover, a major new version is brought out every two years.


Ideal for integrating acoustics at the outset of your project. AcouBAT accompanies you in the optimisation of acoustic performance to meet constraints, such as:

  • a regulatory framework
  • a Quality approach (Qualitel, HQE certification)
  • specifications

AcouBAT software calculations are based on parts 1 to 6 of the series of the EN 12354 European standards, necessary for the diagnostic of acoustic performance in constructions. This software calculates the acoustic performance per 1/3 octave band between 100 and 5000 Hz, as well as the corresponding unique index values.

AcouBAT allows you to calculate the following indicators:

  • Insulation from airborne noise between dwellings – according to standard EN 12354-1
  • Insulation for exterior noise – according to standard EN 12354-3
  • Insulation from impact noise between dwellings – according to standard EN 12354-2
  • Reverbération time Tr – according to standard EN 12354-6
  • Equivalent sound absorption area – according to standard EN 12354-6
  • Equipment noise levels – according to standard EN 12354-5

The calculations carried out permit vertical, horizontal and diagonal measurements.

Auralisation and acoustic simulation
To go even farther in acoustic performance AcouBAT software equally allows you to listen to the restituted sound of airborne noise (indoor and outdoor) within a premises or a neighbouring premises.

New features in the version AcouBAT V8.0 :

  • Introduction of low frequencies (additional third of octave 50 to 80 Hz)
  • Generic products database updated to incorporate low frequencies
  • Possibility on introducing in situ results and comparing them with the performance calculation results of the project
  • Introduction of rain noise for roofing components and calculation of rain noise within a volume.
  • New product type added to database: screen panels


Le logiciel de prédiction des performances acoustiques des systèmes multicouches du bâtiment et des transports.

Le logiciel AcouSYS dispose d’un module d’export des résultats – directement transférable dans le logiciel AcouBAT. Cette complémentarité permet d’évaluer la performance acoustique du bâtiment dans lequel sera implanté le composant.
Pour en savoir plus sur le logiciel AcouSYS cliquez ici.. Le logiciel AcouSYS dispose d’un module d’export des résultats – directement transférable dans le logiciel AcouBAT. Cette complémentarité permet d’évaluer la performance acoustique du bâtiment dans lequel sera implanté le composant.
Pour en savoir plus sur le logiciel AcouSYS cliquez ici…


Stage ACO5 : Optimiser la conception acoustique des bâtiments avec AcouBAT

Les objectifs du stage :

  • d’utiliser AcouBAT pour le calcul des isolements aux bruits aériens intérieurs et extérieurs, les niveaux de bruits d’impacts, les niveaux de bruit d’équipement, le temps de réverbération
  • de connaître les chemins de propagation du bruit en acoustique du bâtiment, les textes réglementaires en vigueur et découvrir des exemples de solutions techniques

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le programme de formation.

Configuration minimale requise :
  • Processeur : PC Pentium 1 GHz
  • Mémoire : 256 Mo
  • écran SVGA – Résolution 1 024 x 768
  • Espace disque disponible : 200 M
  • Carte son stéréo : 16 bits / 44.1 kHz

Il est impératif de disposer d’un casque audio ou haut-parleurs.

Systèmes d’exploitation supportés :
  • Windows 2000®
  • Windows XP®
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows 7®
  • Windows 8®

Le logiciel est disponible en français et en anglais.