The acoustic mapping software

By integrating the MITHRA compute engine into the SIG geographic information system with Geomod, the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) created MithraSIG software. It fully meets all impact study and acoustic cartography needs in the external environment.


  • Intuitive and rich in features – MITHRA-SIG was designed to simplify designing the model and producing rendering for the end user
  • Rapid and rigorous calculations – By employing CSTB expertise, MITHRA-SIG allies rapidity and precision in its calculations
  • Modular and suited to user’s needs – MITHRA-SIG is suited to a wide range of projects, from small scale projects to region wide areas, and it matches the type of study desired: from impact studies to noise mapping

Coupled to a geographic information system

The geographic information system (SIG)* provides both continuity and sustainability, through a wide range of maintained formats (read and write), its image editor, print manager and analysis functions.

Construction of a simple model

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, model creation is extremely rapid. It is done either through the integration of data coming from different organisations, in different forms and in different formats, or manually thanks to its image editor tools.

  • More than 160 formats are supported (SHP, MIF/MID, TAB, DXF, DWG, DGN, etc.).
  • Advanced tools for creating and editing objects and which benefit from the richness of SIG.
  • Dedicated wizards for creating themes, spatial queries and printing.
  • Clear and complete reports

  • 4 types of maps: vertical, horizontal, building facade, and maps of receivers positioned by the user

  • Presentation of results in the form of tables, maps, cross-sections, 3D views

  • Real-time updating after modification of traffic, changing of index, activating or deactivating sources…

  • Creating of differential maps or label tables (before/after implanting an infrastructure, increase / reduction of speed, etc.)
  • A state of the art calculation engine –

    By employing CSTB expertise, MITHRA-SIG combines speed and precision in all its calculations

  • Asymptomatic high performance adaptive ray tracing algorithms.

  • The algorithms used are suited to prediction not only in a closed environment, such as the centre of a city with high density construction, but also to large open space environments with vast spaces between constructions, or mountainous areas where the ground relief influences propagation.
  • MITHRA-SIG benefits from the know-how and Research and Development work of CSTB (research projects and theses).
    Respect for standards
    The physical compute engine calculates the propagation of noise in compliance with the regulations in force, particularly European Directive 2002/49/CE, while taking into account the effects of meteorological conditions.

  • Geometric engines ranging from fast ray-tracing to beam tracing generate diffraction on the vertical edges of objects

  • 64 bit software and multi-threading take advantage of the latest technologies available

  • Calculation methods: NMPB2008 (octave and 1/3 d’octave), ISO9613, NMPB96 (XP S31-133), Harmonized (octave and 1/3 d’octave)

    Acoustic performance predictive software for multi-layer building and transport systems

    ACOUSYS software has a results export module that is directly transferable to ACOUBAT software. This complementarity permits evaluation of the acoustic performance of the building in which the component will be implanted.
    To learn more about ACOUSYS software, click here.


    Acoustic performance predictive software for buildings

    ACOUBAT permits, among other things, an evaluation of acoustic insulation in relation to aerial noise, impact noise and equipment noise in buildings. ACOUSYS software has a results export module that is directly transferable to ACOUBAT software. This complementarity permits evaluation of the acoustic performance of the building in which the ACOUSYS optimised component(s) will be implanted.

    To learn more about ACOUBAT software click here.


    Electromagnetic radiation mapping software

    To learn more about MITHRA-REM, contact the CSTB team

    Recommended configuration, and for MITHRA-SIG 4.0
    • QuadCore Intel i7 or AMD FX
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 1GB Direct X11 graphics card
    • Windows 7 (or more) 64bits, with service packs

    The software is available in French and English.